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Field Types

  • Standard checkbox field

  • A datepicker field

  • Enter the cost of this option here

  • A number field

  • Multiply the cost of this option by the number

  • Hawaii Flower Oil - £10.00
    Lemon and Oil - £10.00
    Waterlily and Oil - £10.00
    Caring Shower Oil - £10.00

    Add products as addons

    A radio group

  • Option 1 - £5.00
    Option 2 - £6.00
    Option 3 - £7.00

    Replace radio buttons with images

  • A dropdown field

  • A text fieldMax: 10 characters

  • A text field priced per characterMax: 10 characters

  • A textarea field

  • A file upload fieldMax file size: 1 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif

Extra Settings

  • Check this to reveal another field

  • This only appears when another field is checked

  • Only charge this once, whatever quantity of the product you select

  • This field is required

  • Set minimum and maximum valuesMin: £5.00Max: £50.00

  • Add an image to accompany the field

  • This text field only accepts alphanumeric characters

  • This text field accepts all characters but only charges for alphanumeric characters

  • This text field charges per character - but the user is allowed a certain number of characters for free. In this case, it's 3 free characters.Max: 10 characters

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