Explore the demo

This is a demo site for the WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate plugin. It aims to give you an idea of what you can achieve with the plugin by showing you examples of the extra fields you can add to your products, plus some more complex product examples.

Use the panels below to explore specific areas of functionality or the main menu above to browse different product types.

Field examples

View some simple products showing the different field types.


Explore functionality like conditional fields, groups and layouts.

Build your own

Let your users build their own product, e.g. hampers, bikes, computers

Calculation fields

Examples of products that use calculations and measurements, like blinds, windows, fabrics

Printing and stickers

Products related to printing and sticker services

Image uploads

Explore the plugin’s image upload features


These use Add-Ons Ultimate extensions for extra functionality

Personalised gifts

Examples of different ways for users to personalise products

Field examples

Take a look at some simple examples of the field types